METUB has the following separate business divisions, find below  details of their activities:

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To provide high professional and integrated construction engineering consultancy services combined with high quality executive and workmanship, we are capable to take for the entire turnkey project with extensive project management in dept technical expertise and maintaining quality control;

  • Design
  • Survey
  • Construct
  • Maintenance/Refurbishing

This division provides the following services:

  • Support Vessels
  • Barges and Marine vessels
  • R.O.U.V ( Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle)
  • Equipment Supply
  • Transportation

The continued involvement of our engineers during the work over phase including product setting, pressure testing and measurement to production trial run ensures all performance commitment. Our professionals are dedicated to the complete integration of the company’s installations into the customer’s plant providing each point the optimum answers to the customer’s request and ensure the best possible result.

We are having Technical Expertise in the field to achieve the work scope:

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Improvement and Modifications.
  • Extraordinary Maintenance.
  • Environmental Studies

Improvement and modifications together during the extraordinary maintenance phase, which invariably involves close liaison among many different sub-contractors, with both internal and external resources, we can effectively plan, supervise and manage every aspect of Global Maintenance Service Contract and Installation process, ensuring not only timely equipment delivery to the site but also a completed installation on schedule and budget.

  • Concrete Works, Channelization.
  • Commercial & Industrial structures
  • Construction & Maintenance of Public Utilities etc.
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Sludge Evacuation and Transportation
  • Structural Design & Maintenance.

This division is capable of performing the following activities:

  • General Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
  • Security and Perimeter Lighting
  • Procurement, Installation & Maintenance of Control Panels, Consoles etc.
  • Rural & Municipal Electrification
  • Integrated/Independent Power Supply System
  • Maintenance of HV & LV Switch gears and Panels
  • Maintenance of HV & LV Cables

Procurement / Supplies Division is capable of all purchasing and supplies activities of the following:

  • Petroleum Products
  • Oil Tools, Engineering Equipments, Spare Parts
  • Accessories, Cables, Generators
  • Tools for Pipeline Maintenance, Steel Structures, Valves, well heads
  • Electrical & Electronics Materials/Fittings
  • Laboratory Equipment


Certified API

Our products conform to internationally accepted standards for the Oil & Gas Industry with certificates of quality such as API standard certified and manufacturers guarantees.

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